Urban London Furniture Project

I’m just back from an after-school club meeting at St. Paul’s Way Trust School with a really keen group of students.  I’ll be working with them and their group leaders photographer Magda Plewa and furniture maker Rick Levene over the next six months developing some funky furniture for my new Urban London Collection which will be launched on my website in January.  I’ll exhibit the furniture at a major London design show in September 2011 along with the rest of my collection of rugs, fabrics, wallpapers, tiebacks, mirrors and interiors accessories.

Magda takes many of the photos of my work, and the other day, when she was photographing the rugs with me at the Design Club in Chelsea Harbour, she mentioned that she was working with Rick at St. Paul’s Way School teaching a group of students furniture-making.  That was a light-bulb moment!  Well, since my collection is inspired by urban London, why not get a group of students in urban London to work with me on some furniture designs based on an urban London theme?

So, it’s all a bit of an experiment for me and for them, but here are some photos of our first meeting.  I’ll keep you posted on progress along the way.

Explaining the Urban London concept.