Marvellous Miami

Just back from two weeks in Grenada working on the design of 20 holiday flats (oh, they’re going to look great!) and a full-on week of shopping for kitchens, bathrooms and furniture in Miami.  I got to know the interiors of Home Depot, BrandsMart and Ikea in North Miami intimately thanks to Steve the appliance salesman (think Joe Pesci meets Andy Garcia — black slicked back hair, a gold tooth, white shirt, pressed trousers, and gold rings, “Yes, Ma’am, no problem Ma’am”; Katia the Peruvian kitchen sales manager/taxi driver at Ikea “You must do all thee work at Ikea, this ees how we are cheap.  I lub my job”; Briana the Ikea kitchen department trainee working the CAD program “Oh, cheese and rice!”; Emilio who sells the cheapest kitchens in Miami, with a loose grasp on paperwork “I gotta wait until my secretary gets back”; Jeff the hearty, hefty bathroom guy at Home Depot “Geez you guys look tired”; and Nigel the Hispanic Richard Carlyle tire salesman (don’t ask) who really should be in the movies “no offense, y’know whad I mean?”  Thanks has to go to our laconic, dry humoured driver Kendra “If I’m all lost, then you’all are lost too,” and “You know, I never drive on the freeway, but, hey, I’m gettin’ a lot experience now”; Candace the make-up artist at MAC (well we all need a treat) — “I think purple eyeshadow is your colour, how about some hot pink lipstick?”; and Mark the amazing masseur looking dapper in his hospital scrubs standing outside Rina’s Hair Salon and Nails soliciting tired shoppers (us!).

Headed down to the Art Deco district on South Beach for Thanksgiving.  I love the gorgeous colours and curves of the buildings lined up along the beach — my client Lucille and I joined the “see and be seen” crowd sipping drinks (strawberry mojitos) at Starck-designed Delano, sipping out drinks slowly as they were bloody expensive.  We headed off for some pizza and salad at an outside cafe for our Thanksgiving lunch and enjoyed a spot of people-watching.

Here are some photos!


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I'm a writer, blogger, interior designer, traveller, photographer, dog lover, foodie, slow jogger, nature walker, adventuress and aspiring eccentric.
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    Wow, this sounds great! I would love to be there doing some decorative finishes with you.
    My option are always open.

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