Marrakech Inspirations

I was in Marrakech over New Year’s and spent some lovely days mooching about the city, visiting the Museum of Marrakech which is located in an old koran school, and checking out the artisans workshops deep inside the medina far away from the tourist crowds (you’ll need someone to show you where these are,  because, trust me, you’ll NEVER find them on your own). Morocco is a country which bursts at the seams with colour, texture, art, craft, the scents of roses and spices… I always find it inspirational. Hope you do too!  Oh, and how many chameleons do you see in the lettuce picture?  There are two.


About Adrienne Chinn

I'm a writer, blogger, interior designer, traveller, photographer, dog lover, foodie, slow jogger, nature walker, adventuress and aspiring eccentric.
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