A Peek Inside My Flat

Just had a few photos taken in my current flat by fab photographer Cecile Mairat (info@cecilemairat.com), so I thought I’d give you a peek. My flat is full of flea market finds and treasures lugged back in my suitcase from trips abroad. It’s a tad mid-century modern, with a dash of Art Deco, a smidgen of Chinese, and a sprinkle of Moroccan, all thrown together into a delicious eclectic concoction that’s totally me.

About Adrienne Chinn

I'm a writer, blogger, interior designer, traveller, photographer, dog lover, foodie, slow jogger, nature walker, adventuress and aspiring eccentric.
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10 Responses to A Peek Inside My Flat

  1. Style Theories says:

    What beautiful photographs! I love your hallway as well as the large rose behind your sofa!

  2. stephanieeileen says:

    You are a woman after my own heart. Beautiful place!

  3. Maddi Reid says:

    Your flat has such an eclectic lived in feel, a bit of a treasure trove by the looks of it! Who is the piece of art on top of your dresser by?

  4. Neil Whitehead says:

    Fantastic looking place! very calming. Loving the blue rug and decor

  5. bethan says:

    wow love the bed:)
    i like the colours light blue and trying to turn a room into a light blur vintage room!

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