For the Love of Gardens

I’m a flower fanatic.  I blame my father.  He was a busy executive by day and a gardener extraordinare by night and weekend.  I remember him staking out flower beds in his khaki beige trousers and shirt, placing a stake in the middle of the grass with a long piece of string attached and marking out perfect circles and triangles in which to plant his beloved painted daisies, gladioli, delphiniums and begonias.  The month of May was spent driving back and forth to a farmer’s nursery in the countryside where Dad would spend a fortune on plants every year, and then kneeling in the wet earth as we planted up rows and rows of flowers into drifts of colour.  I was his shadow — I loved planting the flowers and seeing them grow into a magical mix of riotous colours — deep blues, bright pinks, hot oranges, and sunny yellows all had a place in my father’s garden.  It’s definitely where my love of colour comes from.  A garden is joy.

Here are some pictures of a romantic English garden I designed and planted (yes with my own fair hands over a rainy May weekend three years ago!) for some clients who live in a cottage in the English countryside.  I love the blue, white and pink colour scheme and the way the flowers fall over the borders with scant regard for order and decorum.  Glorious anarchy!

About Adrienne Chinn

I'm a writer, blogger, interior designer, traveller, photographer, dog lover, foodie, slow jogger, nature walker, adventuress and aspiring eccentric.
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2 Responses to For the Love of Gardens

  1. fieldpoppy says:

    It looks glorious — I want to go to there.

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