Lucite, Perspex – A Rose by Any Other Name is Still Amazing Acrylic!

I adore acrylic furniture. Call it Lucite, or Perspex — that transparent material in a coffee table table can transform a traditional room into something with Wow factor. Trend-setting Sixties designer David Hicks pioneered this look, and it’s one I’ve cheerfully stolen for my interiors. An acrylic coffee table opens up space in a room — it’s see-through isn’t it? And what better way to set off a beautiful rug or carpet?

Here’s a fun Sixties room by David Hicks (notice how he’s updated the vintage French chairs with funky fabric and by painting them white?):

Groovilicious designer Jonathan Adler uses the same see-through coffee table idea in this living room:

Acrylic furniture doesn’t stop at coffee tables. On no, the only limits are your the boundaries of your imagination. I’ve designed console tables, side tables, display cases for watches….. and I love the great space expanding trick of placing an acrylic console table with a lamp on it against a mirrored wall — just watch the room double it’s visual space! Like magic.

American designer Geoffrey Bradfield ( is an uber master of acrylic furniture design. Just look at some of these amazing rooms:

I love the shape of this vintage mid-century coffee table in this living room by Leslie Klotz:

And speaking of vintage acrylic furniture — don’t forget to have a trawl through 20th century vintage furniture shops for some fabulous finds. Here are some great pieces from Talisman Antiques in London (

I love this “invisible” 1970s desk and chair.

I can’t wait to use this skyscaper side table with a mirrored base (didn’t I say I loved mirrors?) in one of my design jobs.

A 1960s tubular acrylic coffee table. I want!

Brass and acrylic – a marriage made in heaven.

You can find acrylic in modern furniture pieces too. I’ve just bought two of these stools for a client (available through me!):

And I love this take on an antique Chinese chair by San Francisco designer Samuel F. Lewis of InStudio (

My favourite coffee table, courtesy of Carew Jones London ( This looks great in both contemporary and traditional interiors.

So, how about thinking clearly (pun definitely intended) when you’re next considering a furniture purchase? Add an unexpected twist with some acrylic furniture. Call it Lucite or Perspex — it’s a designer’s secret weapon for Wow interiors.

About Adrienne Chinn

I'm a writer, blogger, interior designer, traveller, photographer, dog lover, foodie, slow jogger, nature walker, adventuress and aspiring eccentric.
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1 Response to Lucite, Perspex – A Rose by Any Other Name is Still Amazing Acrylic!

  1. PJ Cairns says:

    Oh, new trend you think? I’ve a (recent) admiration for glass cabinets, but only for the kitchen. Otherwise, I’d rather go with wood.

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