Home Sweet Home

I may live my life with plane and train tickets stashed in the old Moroccan bowl I use as my In-Tray (I go into withdrawals if I don’t have a ticket to somewhere lurking in there), but as much as I love to travel both for work and pleasure, I love to come home. There is nothing like having your own comfortable nest, a place that’s all about you.

I believe your home should reflect your life — your hobbies, interests, family life, collections, pleasures and aspirations. I always encourage my clients to help me make their house their home. We make collections out of their possessions, paint walls their favourite colours, and frame their family photos. We blend the dining table left to them by their great-aunt with contemporary chairs and the rug they carried back from Marrakech. We re-frame and re-hang their pictures, and fill in the gaps with flea market finds, artwork from contemporary artists, vintage furniture and a few new pieces. And beautifully made curtains and blinds (even if the fabric is a dropcloth!) I don’t have a “design style”. You won’t walk into a room decorated by me and say “That’s an Adrienne Chinn interior”. I want my clients to walk into a finished room and say “This is me.”

Well, this is me. Almost everything comes from flea markets, ebay, Morocco, new artists, and hand-me-downs from friends and family. I can remember the story behind every find and purchase: the 1960s Lloyd Loom chair my ex-boyfriend and I carried back on the train from Norfolk, the Moroccan rugs I squashed into my suitcase in Marrakech, the Art Deco dog sculpture that the young French guy I bought it from at a London antiques fair lugged over from Paris (it weighs a ton) and I lugged from Battersea to Balham by foot, bus and train. The pair of late 19th century photographs of geishas in their original hand-lacquered frames I found, coated in dust, at the back of an antiques barn. The enormous original 1920s print of the dancer Lydia Fedowa I saw on the wall of the Battersea Art Fair and immediately fell in love with, arranging to pay for her in installments over a 6-month period. All of these possessions are part of my story. My home is small, eclectic and a bit cluttered (I admit). It is my place to manifest my loves, as odd and disparate as they may be. And in my home, as in your home, that is as it should be.
























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Decorating with Dropcloths

Decorator’s dropcloths — huge swathes of light beige cotton canvas used by painters to protect floors and furniture from paint drops — are terrific as curtains and slipcovers if you’re looking for a shabby chic or contemporary rustic edge to your interiors. And, at a fraction of the cost of designers fabrics, who’s to complain if you buy it from a hardware store rather than a upmarket fabric shop?

Real decorating is about thinking outside the box. It’s about creating beautiful interiors from honest materials; rescuing unloved cast-offs; and supporting talented craftspeople. Upcycling and recycling are certainly part of real decorating, as is trawling around flea markets and car boot sales. So is searching out local artists and artisans at craft fairs and using their talents to add unique accents to your home.

Here are some fabulous ideas for decorating with dropcloths, from curtains and blinds to slipcovers, cushions and headboards. Your only limitation is your imagination!

dropcloth cushions 1

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William Haines – A Man of Taste

I’ve long been an admirer of the 20th century American interior designer William Haines. He had a flair for creating interiors which combined simplicity and luxury — much like Chanel did for clothes. And the furniture he designed, many designs still available through www.williamhaines.com , are as covetable now as they were when the design first sprouted from Billy’s aesthetically atuned mind. One of Billy’s most famous quotes is “I would rather have taste than either love or money”. And taste is something Billy had in spades.

227751_409219152489290_548460250_n-225x300 william haines bill haines tux haines at home haines williamhaines_car Billy was talent scouted for Hollywood in 1922 and within a few years was an in-demand leading man. He was often cast opposite an up-and-coming flapper named Joan Crawford and the two became lifelong best friends. When he retired from movies in 1934, because the studio insisted he hide his homosexuality, something he refused to do, he opened an antique shop in Hollywood. It wasn’t long before Hollywood’s leading ladies, lead by Joan Crawford, were knocking on his door to have him design their homes in the new Hollywood Regency style he had invented in his own home — a style which brought together old world antiques with custom-made modern pieces, touches of Chinoiserie, exotic artifacts including animal skins and prints, and lots of mirrored and laquered surfaces…oh, and not to forget the luxurious velvet and silk curtains, swags and all. Billy pulled it all together into a look that was both glamorous and liveable. Genius. His new career as an interior designer was born.

Here’s Joan Crawford in her Haines designed living room in the 1930s…

haines crawford one

…and again, in the 1950s, where Haines’s signature tufted upholstery can be seen on the ottoman, and the upholstered chairs show Haines’s talent for simple but comfortable furniture.

haines crawford 2

Here’s another friend, Carole Lombard, in her 1930s living room — an early Haines Hollywood Regency design, complete with antique crystal chandelier and swagged curtains. The perfect glamorous frame from a glamorous client. Even at this early stage we can see his affection for tufted furniture.

lombard house haines

My favourite Haines designs came later in his career, in the 1950s and 1960s, when he really came into his own with his timeless furniture designs which sat perfectly in the more stream-lined interiors of the day — and which still work so well in contemporary interiors.




haines interior


haines interior 2


Some of his most famous furniture designs include the Brentwood chair, where he took inspiration from the ancient Greek klismos chair…

brentwood chair haines

…the Malibu chair and ottoman…

haines malibu chair

…the Seniah chair (Haines spelled backwards), which came (and is still available through www.williamhaines.com ) in several models…



…the Elbow chair, which Haines designed so that women in ballgowns could sit on then sideways without crushing their dresses…


… tufted armless chair — a design classic…


…and the Valentine sofa, designed in 1950.


You can read more about William “Billy” Haines in the terrific book by Peter Schifando and Haines’s long-time assistant Jean H. Mathison.

haines book

William Haines, another design great.

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Welcome FamaLiving!

Am really delighted to hear that Spanish sofa and chair company FamaLiving finally has a showroom in London! I’ve been ordering from them for years. I love their comfortable, funky furniture and their wide selection of fabrics. Have a look at a sofa and ottoman I used in a client’s living room a couple of years ago.

fama living sofa

fama living sofa 2

Photos: James Balston

I mixed up some of their fabrics with some I’d sourced for the cushions — they were most accommodating, sending me the cushion inserts for me to have covered in London. The client was delighted and went on to buy a house where we used more FamaLiving furniture.

Find FamaLivin at Seriously Sofas in Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey. www.seriouslysofas.co.uk

See the launch video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxRjvHdOzqs

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The Divine Dorothy

I am a great admirer of Dorothy Draper. Born in 1889, she became known as “America’s most fabulous decorator”, and she helped inspire a generation of home improvement devotees with her 1939 book Decorating is Fun!. Dorothy was the antithesis of a minimalist. She was a lover of bold chintzes, bright “happy” colours, over-scaled furniture and floor tiles, rococo scrollwork, wide stripes, and Baroque plasterwork. Over the top? You might say so. Yes, you could definitely say so. But so much fun. Her rooms, like her, were full of verve and joie de vivre. Her rooms were iconic — a total rethinking of classical style which became known as American Baroque. She was all about bringing joy into people’s lives.


One of Dorothy’s most famous designs was for The Greenbrier Hotel in White Sulpher Springs, West Virginia. The owners, the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway company, hired Dorothy to redecorate the entire resort. She designed everything from the staff uniforms to the matchbook covers. The opening attracted the movers and shakers of the day.

greenbrier-now-m dorothy draper

The Greenbrier. Signature Dorothy Draper style with the large black and white tiles, clear colours and chintz curtains.


Hallway in the Greenbrier. Note the Baroque plasterwork and large-scale plant motif in the carpet. Dorothy particularly loved green and blue as these were the colours of nature.

dorothy_draper_on_arcfinddesigner_blog_reception_hall elements of style blog

The Greenbrier.

dorothy_draper_on_hannah_b_design_blog_ella_dorothydraper hannah b design blog

dorothy_draper_greenbrier_hotel_victorian_writing_room greenbrier hotel

Beautiful enfilade at The Greenbrier. An expert’s eye at work.

dorothy_draper_greenbrier_hotel_218867067_d2f6424b8c1 elements of style blog

The Greenbrier. I love the turquoise walls and large-scale plant motif on the carpet.

dorothy-draper-interia-architectualdigest interior architectural digest

Photo: Courtesy Architectural Digest. David Hicks said Dorothy Draper was a great inspiration to him.

_MG_9867 dorothy draper greenbrier

The Greenbrier.

tumblr_md3aq4hwm41rn1ljyo1_1280 dorothy draper

The Metropolitan Museum of Art cafe. Photo: circa 1960s.

_MG_9858 dorothy draper greenbrier

Fabulous wide stripes and oversized urn in the Greenbrier.

dorothy_draper_on_hannah_b_design_blog_gree1 hannah B Design blog

Rhapsody in blue-green. A big room can take a big scale — the wallpaper and matching curtains really add life to this space.

Dorothy’s company continues under the guidance of Carleton Varney. www.dorothydraper.com

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Yves Saint Laurent in Marrakech

Yves Saint Laurent, with his partner Pierre Berge, joined the “in” crowd of the late 1960s — people like Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull, fashion designer Loulou de la Falaise, J. Paul Getty Jr. and his beautiful wife Talitha — in Marrakech, where he could walk the dusty, chaotic streets unrecognised and indulge in his appreciation of Islamic art and architecture. Saint Laurent ended up owning several homes there over the ensuing years, and turned to designers like Marrakech resident Bill Willis and Jacques Grange for the design of these homes.

ysl morocco1 Yves Saint Laurent in Djemaa el Fna Square in Marrakech.

ysl morocco11

The stunning Mauresque entrance hall.

ysl morocco 8

An interior fit for a Moroccan sultan.

ysl morocco16 dar es saada

Sitting room in the Dar es Saada.  A blend of comfortable upholstered furniture and Moroccan details.

ysl morocco 9 bill willis villa oasis

Bill Willis took Orientalism to its zenith inthe library of Saint Laurent’s Dar es Saada.

ysl morocco6 bill willis dar es saada

The blue bedroom and the library designed for Dar es Saada by Bill Willis — Willis said the library was his favourite of all the rooms he’d ever decorated.

ysl morocco2

The stunning living room by Bill Willis — a harmony of blues and mauves. Willis was known for his intricate zellig tiled fireplaces.

ysl morocco10 villa oasis

The blue and mauve colour scheme was used to great effect by British designer David Collins in his design for the Blue Bar at the Berkeley Hotel in London. It’s both tranquil and elegant.

ysl morocco12

A detail of the living room’s fireplace. Willis worked out the design in intricate detail on paper before the tiles were specially coloured and fired, then cut out and fit my a master Moroccan tiler.

ysl morocco4

Saint Laurent at his desk and Berge in one of the living rooms.

ysl morocco16 bedroom

I love the simplicity and the combination of soft blues and unexpected yellow on the ceiling and in the striped curtains in his Marrakech bedroom. It would be like waking up to the sun every morning.

ysl morocco 7 guest bath

The guest bathroom — if I showed up as a guest and my bathroom looked like this, I’d never leave. I love the turquoise tiles around the sink and intend to use this idea one day myself.

ysl morocco5

Saint Laurent in his garden. Far from the madding crowd.

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Wow! Pow! Neon!

I’ve been out and about on the streets lately where I’ve suddenly turned on to neon.

usa 098

usa 097

road trip 145

Maybe it’s the grey winter weather, maybe it’s just a general fed-upness with neutral interiors, but I just want that colour slam dunk right now. I’m talking full saturation, no holds barred, slap me in the face colour.

Dig those juicy greens in this children’s bedroom (aren’t those giant leaves fun?)…


Fab wall panels and how about that carpet (below)?

felt wall panels 2

green and yellow thecolourfield.net

Love this citrussy room by Jonathan Adler (above) — good enough to eat.

Photo: www.thecolourfield.net

neon carpettheworld.org

A bathroom not for the faint-hearted — and don’t I just love that. That pink in the bedroom is the perfect contrast to the electric green.

Photo: www.carpettheworld.org

neon jonathan adler 5

See how the walls in neon green just add va va voom to this dining room by Jonathan Adler?  And how about the roman blind and chairs in this brown study below? Also by Jonathan Adler.neon jonathan adler 6

I adore this space below by Michael Craig Martin. Talk about using your imagination…and having an adventurous client!

neon michael craig martin

Photos: www.michaelcraigmartin.co.uk

If I were a young girl, wouldn’t I love a bed like this one below?

neon stylisheve.com 3

Photo: www.stylisheve.com

If you don’t want to go whole hog, just add a touch of saturated colour — how about some vibrant pink bookshelves (love those peacock shades) or a door painted lime green? Photo: www.bicyclette.co

neon bicyclette.to

What a great kids’ area in this public library below. Neons are an under-used choice for children’s space.

cheerful-kids-playroom-ideas-500x376 A zing of yellow adds punch to this neutral room….

decoist perspex coffee tables

Photo: www.decoist.com

And now for some luscious oranges and pinks from Jonathan Adler…

neon jonathan adler 2

…sometimes even just one feature item like this orange sofa below adds the stand out accent that makes a white room come alove (photo: www.decoist.com ).

decoist perspex coffee table

…just gotta love that zap of orange in this room designed by David Hicks…

david hicks study 4

….and vibrant blues, pinks and reds…again by uber 1960s designer David Hicks….

david hicks colourful living room

….and I pay colour hommage to the fearless Jonathan Adler who came out all guns blazing for the Barbie Dream House….

neon jonathan adler 3 barbie dream house

…more Jonathan Adler for the Barbie Dream House below….

neon jonathan adler 4 barbie dream house

And below… j’adore!

neon stylisheve.com 2

Photo: www.stylisheve.com

There, that woke you up, didn’t it?

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